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BioShield+™ "This product gave me my life back"

“This product gave me my life back.”

Hector, Verified Customer

$149.99 - BioShield+™
$149.99 - BioShield+™
$149.99 - BioShield+™
$149.99 - BioShield+™

The Top Reasons To Take BioShield+ (According To The Clinical Studies)

1 – Immunity

When your immune system is stressed out, it can overreact to threats… releasing destructive proteins called cytokines which can damage healthy organs and tissue. In fact, this is exactly what’s sent many people into hospitals in 20201-2. But the seven flavonoids in BioShield+ have been proven to support a healthy, balanced cytokine response, in the face of dangerous environmental risks3-6. This special formula delivers the targeted help that your immune system needs right now.

2 – Natural Energy

The immune system is the “master switch” for your energy levels, which is why you get so tired when you’re sick. And if your immune system has become stressed over the years – from diet, lifestyle, and exposure to microtoxins - then you’ll really start to feel the fatigue7-8. That’s why BioShield+ is such a potent energy booster9-10. It can help regulate your cytokine response, taking your immune system from “frayed, and on fire” to “calm, cool, and collected.” That means more energy for all the things you love and the feeling that you’ve got your life back.

3 – Mental Health & Clarity

Immune system stress can make its way to your brain, where it activates microglia – just like what happens when you get a concussion. In the short term, it can mean fogginess12 and a depressed mood13. And if this goes on for too long, it can mean really big brain health problems down the road14-15. So the targeted immune support that you get with BioShield+ won’t just deliver better mental clarity today16, but it can keep your brain sharp and healthy for the many decades ahead17.

4 – Relief For Overworked Joints

When immune system stress produces too many inflammatory cytokines, they often get deposited in your joints18. Combine this with the years of overuse, and even simple movements become painful and tedious. Yet the flavonoids in BioShield+ have been clinically proven to reduce post-movement soreness19. Not only that, but they can even help the body produce the new collagen, and extracellular proteins, it needs to keep joints healthy with age20.

5 – Food Sources Aren’t Enough

The flavonoids in BioShield+ are incredible for sure. But it’d be nearly impossible to get them from even the healthiest diet. Modern farming practices have depleted our soil of its nutrients. By some counts, we now need 10 servings of some plants to get the same nutrients as we’d get in just one serving from fifty years ago21. And the nutrient content is degraded even further during the long process of packing, storing, shipping, and delivering to the supermarket22. So while an organic diet of whole foods is key to good health, it’s just not enough for optimal health.

Designed With Care
By Dr. Mark Rosenberg

All Sun Coast Sciences formulas are carefully designed by Dr. Mark Rosenberg, to ensure clinical dosing, of the best ingredients, with superior bioavailability. In BioShield+, you’ll find…

Liposomal Curcumin:

Curcumin is pure magic when it can get into your cells… but most curcumin supplements never even make it out of your digestive tract. One study showed that 90% of the curcumin consumed was excreted in the feces23! That’s why Dr. Rosenberg chose a patented liposomal curcumin, developed by UCLA scientists. Each curcumin particle is wrapped in a lipid layer, for clinically proven 95% better bioavailability.24

CherryPure Tart Cherry Extract:

CherryPure’s clinical studies are exciting for anyone who wants more energy or mobility. In one study, weight lifters who trained with CherryPure were stronger, and less sore, following their workouts.25 Another study showed that endurance athletes who ran a half-marathon performed 13% faster and reported a 34% reduction in post-race soreness.26 If CherryPure delivers these benefits to athletes, imagine what it can do for the rest of us!

Cocoa Extract:

Out of the top 1,000 flavonoid-rich foods, cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram27. The specific flavonoids found in cocoa work by limiting production of a dangerous inflammatory protein called Interleukin 1-Beta.28

Boswellia Serrata:

Boswellia has been shown to regulate production of an inflammatory cytokine called TNF-alpha, through pathways that other flavonoids are unable to regulate29. It’s also been shown to protect neurons as they age, to reduce unnatural anxiety, and to promote feelings and calm30.


This flavonoid is produced by grapes, to protect them from harsh sunlight, and is most often found in red wine. Multiple studies have shown that it slows production of a dangerous inflammatory cytokine called NF-kB31. And Resveratrol has also been shown to promote stable levels of sugar in the blood... for cleaner energy throughout the day.32


Several landmark studies have shown that Quercetin specifically limits the inflammatory output of fat cells.33 Not only that, but Quercetin has been proven to increase the bioavailability of resveratrol. And perhaps best of all: when combined with Resveratrol, Quercetin could lead to a decrease in fat deposits.34

Green Tea Extract:

It's the best source of a flavonoid called a “catechin,” which supports everything from detoxification, to targeted immune response management, to the release of natural energy stores. And just as exciting, multiple studies have shown that the active ingredient in green tea - EGCG – is highly effective at targeting fat deposits.35

How Much To Take (And When To Take It)

A standard serving of BioShield+ is two capsules. You can take this serving once, twice, or three times a day. BioShield+ can be taken with or without meals.

Two capsules a day is a standard maintenance serving, and great for long term benefits. Four capsules a day is particularly effective in the first month, and in times of acute stress on your body and mind. And some customers find that six capsules a day works do wonders for them, especially those who want more relief for overworked joints.

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  • No hidden health risks: Dr. Rosenberg is extremely careful about ingredient selection. Whenever possible, he chooses certified NON-GMO ingredients. And when our products contain allergens, we make sure it’s clearly labeled.

Frequently Asked Questions
With Dr. Mark Rosenberg

How does BioShield+™ help with immunity?

Think back to a day when you were really stressed out… you were probably “on edge” and quick to anger, right? Maybe you even picked a little fight with a loved one, or even said something you regretted? 

Well, it’s the exact same with your immune system. When it’s stressed out, it can become overaggressive, attack stuff that it shouldn’t, and make you feel worse.

So you can think of the flavonoids in BioShield+™ like “therapy” for your immune system. They help it relax, chill out, and refocus its strength on real threats.

How does the immune system get stressed out?

These days, we’re exposed to a lot of stuff that wasn’t around when our immune system evolved. For example: the smoke and carbon pollution that we breath, the chlorine in our tap water, and the pesticides on our food. Frankly, the list goes on and on… our modern lives are practically a bath of microtoxins.

Now think of what would happen if you swallowed a glass of pure chlorine or pesticide? You’d have an immediate, intense response, as your immune system tried to purge this poison from your system.

And that’s exactly what’s happening – but at a much lower level – every day. These daily “assaults” push your immune system to work overtime, leaving it stressed and unable to defend against bigger threats. You might not feel it at first, but over the years and decades, it really adds up!

How can BioShield+™ give me more energy?

Your immune system is the “master switch” for how you feel. So when it’s overworked and stressed out, you never quite feel like you’re “at your best.” And it’s not the sort of fatigue that you can overcome with coffee!

But the flavonoids in BioShield+™ can give your immune system crucial, targeted support. That allows it to “calm down.” And that means that all of the energy it was sucking up gets redirected back to your overall vitality.

How can BioShield+™ give me more mental clarity?

When your immune system is stressed, it can also wear your brain down. Immune stress causes your brain’s glial cells – which constitute about 50% of its mass – to go into “attack” mode. Your brain doesn’t have any pain receptors, so you experience this attack as brain fog and moodiness. It’s unpleasant on a day-to-day basis, but if it goes on for years, it can lead to real problems and decline.

But as with energy, mental clarity can return when the immune response is calm, healthy and balanced – which is exactly what the flavonoids in BioShield+™ can do.

How exactly do the flavonoids work?

Let’s step back and talk about cytokines. They’re little immune system proteins that are sort of the “front lines of defense.” When your immune system is working well, they pick their targets carefully, and then go back into “standby.” But when your immune system is stressed, these cytokines can start to run rampant, and attack everything from harmless allergens, to your own healthy tissue!

The flavonoids in BioShield+™ have been clinically proven to promote a healthy, calm, balanced cytokine response to threats. They can send “signals” to your cytokines about how best to respond to threats. Because yes… you do want your cytokines to be ready to attack – you just don’t want them roaming your body like immune vigilantes.

Is there anything I should take to get better results?

To start, there are some things that you can stop doing: eliminate as many “assaults” to your immune system as possible. I’ve created an “Immune Health” ebook which goes into great depth on this, but two quick wins are: eliminate as much processed and non-GMO food as possible, and stop smoking.

Beyond that, yes: I recommend a good probiotic, since all health starts in the gut. I also recommend a high quality fish oil, which can balance our unhealthy, modern Omega 3:6 ratio (more on this in the eBook, but short version is that it causes immune system stress). That is my ultimate “immune system stack,” and since we typically don’t get these from a healthy diet, they’re key to supplement.

Then of course, I recommend high quality Vitamin C, a Vitamin D3/K2 combo, and a good magnesium supplement. Those are the “immune system basics” – they’re possible to get with a healthy diet, but if that’s not possible, then supplements are a good addition.

I don’t feel comfortable ordering online, can I talk to someone?

Of course you can! Just call us at 1-888-281-6816. You’ll speak to one of our incredibly friendly Customer Happiness Agents (seriously, they’re really great to talk to), and they’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you place your order.

How long will it take me to start seeing results with BioShield+™?

Most people report increases in mobility and flexibility right away, and many experience the rapid natural enhancements in energy and clarity, as well. The best results are achieved by people who regularly take BioShield+™ for 8 weeks. Please use as directed.

Real Customer Reviews


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