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Danger: Americans Are Walking Around With Only 30% Of Their Immune System Power

Here’s The Best Way To Fix That - For FREE

With COVID circulating, a weakened immune system is NOT acceptable.

And yet many Americans don’t know this frightening truth:

You could be fighting with only 30% of your immune system’s full power.

When our immune system is strong and healthy, we feel great, and we’re “hard to kill”.

...But when it’s stressed and overworked, we feel tired… we’re foggy… we’re achy…

...And we’re much more susceptible to viruses, colds, and getting sick.

Now, the research is crystal clear - 70% of our immune system is housed in our gut.

But most Americans have their gut health compromised, weak, and in danger.

Blame it on the Standard American diet.

Blame it on supposed “health foods” that are actually weakening your gut.

Blame it on the toxins and chemicals running rampant in our everyday environments.

Even plain old stress can weaken your gut health… And needless to say, there’s been plenty of stress over the past year.

Either way, the end result is compromised, weakened gut health.

And that means a compromised, weakened immune system.

Unless you’re taking the right kind of probiotic to support your gut and immune system.

As researchers worldwide have acknowledged:

“In addition to a diverse protective commensal microbiota, certain strains of probiotics are known to exert activities that empower the immune system. They have their place in a preventive arsenal, together with appropriate nutrition and gut-barrier reinforcing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant strategies.”

So that’s why...

Today, I’ve Set Aside 500 Bottles Of Our Super Probiotic FloraThin Formula To Give Away

Our Super Probiotic Formula - FloraThin - stands alone in quality and effectiveness.

(more on the effectiveness part shortly)

Probiotics have become the “miracle supplement” of our time – and for good reason.

They’re essential for helping your gut health. Which means they’re essential for total immune support.

New research into all the ways beneficial bacteria help us are being published virtually every day – because good health starts in your gut, home to trillions of bacteria, good and bad.

But ONLY if you have the right kind of probiotic supporting your gut health...

You see,

Most First Generation Probiotics

Do More Harm, Than Good

If you’ve been taking a probiotic every day, desperately trying to improve your gut health with no luck, there’s a reason it hasn’t been working…

Your probiotic could be making you sick!

Virtually every first-generation probiotic on the market today – whether you buy it online or from a health food store – contains at least one of these four fatal flaws:

Fatal Flaw 1: Histamine-Producing – Nearly all First Generation probiotics include a strain of bacteria called L.acidopholus.

Unfortunately, this strain (and several others) can lead to a histamine response in your gut and body. That can then trigger additional inflammatory responses… and make you feel tired, foggy, and moody.

If you’ve ever eaten a meal and immediately after experienced congestion, fogginess, or even a headache shortly after - there is a good chance that a histamine reaction was to blame.

And you already know what additional inflammatory responses can cause…

Unleashing overactive cytokines, causing aches, pains, brain fog, and leaving the body unable to defend itself from the real threats.

Nearly every probiotic currently on the market can trigger the same response in the body.

Fatal Flaw 2: Dairy-Based - Many First Generation probiotics are created with dairy cultures.

So for the millions of Americans who are lactose-intolerant, they can create a small – but real – allergic response.

Needless to say, that only makes the mind:body issues worse! If it doesn’t say that it’s dairy-free… watch out!

Fatal Flaw 3: Low Counts – Your gut has 24 trillion bacteria in it… and all it takes is a little too much sugar, or a few too many French fries, for the bad ones to keep multiplying.

So if you’re taking one of the many First Generation probiotics with fewer than 30 billion CFUs (colony forming units), you’re just not providing enough good bacteria.

Fatal Flaw 4: No Digestive Support – Many people think that probiotics help “break down food,” but that’s just not true.

Your food is broken down in your stomach - with acid from your bile duct, and enzymes from your pancreas.

First Generation probiotics offer zero support for this process, so undigested food particles can easily enter the small intestine.

There, they can rot and ferment… causing inflammation, gas, bloating, and even dreaded “leaky gut.”

That’s why I knew we had to come up with a true whole-gut, whole-body solution.

Especially if we want to support total immune health… An immune system that’s absolutely resilient to any threats.

So we developed a transformative breakthrough in gut health… One that offers complete gut support.

Because probiotics can’t do the work they were meant to do unless one very important issue is tackled first:

Incomplete Digestion Dooms Probiotic Potential

Total gut health starts in your stomach, where the heavy lifting of digestion takes place.

But if your stomach doesn’t have enough of the right enzymes to digest everything you eat completely, it doesn't matter how many probiotics you take…

You’ll still get gassy and bloated, because that undigested food made its way to your small intestine and got stuck there, left to rot and ferment… feeding bad bacteria.

That leads to SIBO – small intestine bacterial overgrowth – and some truly awful effects:

  • Noxious gas building up that creates bloating and foul-smelling emissions
  • Allergic reactions from excess mucous production to sneezing to itches
  • Runaway inflammation that brings whole-body consequences including joint pain, brain fog, and unexplained weight gain...Not to mention distracting your body from defending itself against real threats

First-generation probiotics can’t help here.

But Sun Coast Sciences’ 2nd generation “Super Probiotic” supplement FloraThin can.

Enter Super Probiotics: FloraThin

FloraThin contains 7 dairy-free, histamine-free, scientifically validated probiotic strains, with an effective 30 billion CFUs in every capsule.

It also includes a trademarked blend of highly potent digestive enzymes that gives your stomach everything it needs to digest whatever you eat – from rich holiday meals to that midnight snack.

The FloraThin formula helps restore perfect digestion and bring your gut bacteria into beneficial balance.

And a healthy gut brings dozens of whole-body feel-good benefits…

Exactly what you need to feel vibrant, energetic, and comfortable every day...

Exactly what you need to fully support a healthy immune system.

DigestSEB Enzymes Unlock The Power Of Probiotics

It takes a high-potency blend of enzymes to fully digest your food…

That’s why we have included a special mix of powerfully effective enzymes in FloraThin.

No matter what you eat, DigestSEB enzymes can break it down: protein… fats…carbs… even dairy!

Complete digestion means your body will have full access to essential nutrients… undigested food particles won’t fester in your small intestine… and gas, bloating, and discomfort won’t plague you.

Plus, the high-potency digestive enzyme blend in FloraThin unlocks the full power of the formula’s seven clinically-studied probiotic strains for complete gut support.

When you send in the right probiotics - dairy-free strains that don’t produce histamines, backed by the support of digestive enzymes - your gut health will be transformed.

The Seven Dairy-Free, Histamine-Free Probiotics of FloraThin That Give You Benefits Like Nothing Else

(According To The Research)

1. B. longum: This beneficial bacteria offers support throughout the body, from your immune system to your gut, to your brain. Clinical studies show that B. longum helps boost healthy immune function, improve vexing gut issues, reduce stress, and improve memory.

2. L. rhamnosus: This gold-star strain of bacteria has been the subject of breakthrough scientific studies. It’s been shown to help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea… balance blood sugar, even during pregnancy… and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

3. Bifidobacterium bifidum: B. bifidum can have a significant impact on digestive health and quality of life. In one double-blind placebo-controlled trial, B. bifidum helped ease bloating, discomfort, and urgency in just four weeks. Part of that success comes from this probiotic’s ability to calm inflammation and support healthy immune system function.

4. L. salivarius: This unique probiotic has been shown to take down bad bacteria to improve skin comfort and dental health.

5. L. plantarum: This proven probiotic strain brings a wealth of benefits that start in your gut. Clinical trials show that L. plantarum has a positive effect on annoying GI issues like bathroom frequency, abdominal discomfort, and bloating. In fact, participants in one trial reported that L. plantarum improved those effects by 78.1% in just 4 weeks!

6. Bifidobacterium lactis: B. lactis has been shown to reduce accumulation of abdominal fat and improve healthy blood sugar management, prevent unwanted weight gain, and reduce belching and bloating after meals.

7. B. breve: B. breve is your best friend when it comes to weight control. One clinical trial revealed that this probiotic “significantly lowered fat mass” (along with improving inflammation markers and liver health). Another showed that B. breve helped reduce body fat mass and body fat percentage, along with improving healthy HDL cholesterol levels.

Together, these unique probiotics combine to form the “Super Probiotic” Formula that is FloraThin.

And by the way...

The Studies Couldn’t Be Clearer

Every single bacteria and enzyme in FloraThin has been the subject of extensive clinical study, for both safety, and for efficacy. Here are just a few of the incredible results.

Here, you’re looking at the effects of a digestive enzyme, on the release of three inflammatory proteins in the intestine. While the control group has excessive inflammatory production, the group that received the enzyme experienced far less inflammation.

In this study, the bacterial strain B. longum was provided to healthy volunteers. Notice the remarkable difference in their perceived levels of stress!

In this study, B. longum is shown to have a noticeable effect on the ability of participants to complete a “Paired Associated Learning” task.

This study shows the incredible power of B. bifidum to decrease discomfort, bloating, and urgency of bathroom visits.

In this weight-loss study, you can see how B.breve induced a change in waist circumference, with absolutely no other changes to diet or exercise!

This study showcased L. plantarum powers in reducing the frequency and severity of abdominal bloating.

All-in-all, by supplementing with FloraThin...

You’re Looking At Supporting Full, 100% Immune System Potential

Sharper thinking…

Improved energy… A great mood and less stress…

Improved joint comfort and clearer, brighter skin…

And of course, improved digestion and weight management without side effects.

No - FloraThin cannot cure or prevent COVID. It’d be irresponsible for me to say that.

But I can say I’d be irresponsible if I wasn’t doing everything in my power to get you on a daily FloraThin regimen.

FloraThin is the most advanced Super Probiotic on the market - and critical for supporting your immune system functioning as best as it can.

That’s why…

You Should Take FloraThin Daily.

Here’s The Best Way To Do It:

Many of our customers won’t go a day without their FloraThin.

They know how important it is right now.

That’s why we created a discounted “SmartShip” club – so that a new bottle of FloraThin shows up on their doorstep every month…

People on SmartShip pay only $27/month for this premium product.

And I’d like to invite you to join this very same FloraThin SmartShip club.

In fact, if you join today…

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As you know, my medical opinion is that FloraThin is mandatory in 2021.

So I’d like to get you going on a SmartShip subscription with a free bottle today.

All I ask is that you pay $4.95, to cover the cost of shipping it your way.

Then, in thirty days, your SmartShip will begin.

Another bottle of FloraThin will be produced for you, and shipped to you, for only $27.

Simple as that.

SmartShip will continue for as long as you want, and you’ll remain locked in at the $27 price… even if we raise the price for others in the future.

And if you decide that you don’t want to continue?

You Can Cancel At Any Time

The FloraThin SmartShip is zero-commitment.

There’s no contract, fine print, or sneaky cancellation clause.

No, you can cancel at any time… all you need to do is contact our 24-hour Customer Happiness team, and tell them to stop your shipments.

And you won’t be charged again.

No hassle, no fuss, no commitment.

Just the highest-quality probiotic supplement in the world, shipped to you on autopilot.

But please move fast, because…

This Offer Will Sell Out FAST
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FloraThin’s effectiveness comes from its unique bacterial strains, along with the DigestSEB digestive enzymes. These unique bacterial strains are all dairy free, and non-histamine producing.

As you can imagine, these premium, potent bacterial strains are much harder to source than what 99% of other manufacturers are using.

That’s why FloraThin gets results where other probiotics don’t...

But that’s also why we do not place huge orders from our supplier.

We do not have tens of thousands of bottles sitting in our warehouse.

And for today’s special offer, we’ve only set aside 500 bottles.

Our supply chain is tightly controlled, and we only order what we think we can sell every month.

It’s Not A Matter Of “If”, But “When” We Sell Out…

Yes, it means that you get the most potent Super Probiotic formula in the world…

… but it also means that if the demand is high, we run out (it’s happened before… three times!).

Then it’s another 6-8 weeks before we’re back in stock.

So if you’re reading this page, and there is an option to purchase, then we still have a bottle with your name and address on it.

So please go ahead and place your free FloraThin order now.

Immune support, energy, deep sleep, mood, weight management, and digestive relief are waiting for you.

If every American was taking FloraThin, we’d be a much happier, healthier country. Our medical bills would shrink dramatically, and quality of life would improve for everyone.

Your package will be rushed out the door, and you’ll start reaping the benefits in just days.

Every American should be taking FloraThin daily… for immediate immune support, yes…

…but also, for everything else important about your health.

So my team and I want to do everything we can to get it into your hands.

FloraThin is health for the long term. Get your free bottle today before it sells out!


To your best health,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg