Cause of Accelerated Aging

Andre, yesterday we talked about a breakthrough method that significantly delays aging.

Regaining energy by recharging your mitochondria... and fixing other biochemical reactions that injure tissues and cripple vital organs.

Being able to erase wrinkles and tighten sagging skin…

Becoming bulletproof, radiant, vibrant, and healthy from the inside out...

In a nutshell, you’re able to DRAMATICALLY slow cellular aging with this one breakthrough method - a miracle nutrient proven by hundreds of research studies to deliver real results.

So let’s get into it…

 This Extraordinary Nutrient DOES Exist,
And It’s In Most Of The Meat You Eat...Just Not Enough To Delay Aging...

It is an amino acid called "carnosine".

Right now, interest in the compound is at fever-pitch, fuelled by dramatic Australian and British discoveries about carnosine’s remarkable anti-aging actions.

How Does Carnosine Work?

Tissues such as the skin, arteries, eye membranes and kidneys become damaged over time due to oxidation and glycation.

What is oxidation and glycation, exactly?

You’ve heard of oxidation - similar to your body “rusting” on the inside.

Free radicals attacking your tissues are like asteroids crash landing, robbing your cells of their properties until they become poisoned and ultimately die.

In the worst cases, oxidation even causes mutations in DNA and can lead to cancerous tumors.

But help is at hand...

Carnosine: A SUPER POWERFUL Antioxidant

When ingested in the right amounts, carnosine can stop the destruction of billions of your body’s cells, every day.

This means your tissues such as your skin, arteries, kidneys, eye membranes age less quickly.

But that’s not all...

Carnosine is also one of the rare nutrients to have anti-glycation properties.

Glycation Is Just As Bad As Oxidation

To slow (and even reverse) aging, you MUST reduce glycation.

Glycation is triggered by glucose (sugar) in the body.

The higher your blood sugar levels, the more glycation--and the faster the aging process.

That’s why a blood sugar disease like diabetes is really just accelerated aging.

What Exactly Is Glycation?

On a cellular level, glycation is the process of “caramelization”.

When you take a piece of meat, coat it in sugar and then cook it, what happens?

The sugar forms a hard, caramelized layer.

This process, which takes a matter of seconds in a frying pan, is happening slowly in your body all the time at a cellular level.

After several decades, this “glycation” becomes visible to the naked eye.

Could THIS Be Why You “Creak” In The Morning?

In fact, when glycated proteins knit together, the body’s tissues become increasingly stiff and hardened.

Take the skin, for example.

Your skin is held up by a layer of tissue called “the dermis.”, which gives the skin its elasticity and smoothness.

The dermis is made up of collagen fibers and elastin. Sugar molecules in your blood stick to these proteins like glue.

Collagen fibers and elastin then become stiff, crack and then break.

As you can guess, that leads to wrinkles, saggy skin and a visible lack of moisture.

But what you may not know is… this exact same process is taking place in your muscles, your arteries, your kidney cells and your cataracts.

In fact... every time you eat sugar... grilled meat... fried food... oils cooked at temperatures over 180°C... or even vegetables browned on the stove, you’re rapidly increasing glycation in your body.

The Good News?
Glycation and Oxidation

Scientists have made a breakthrough.

Yes, glycation as well as oxidation CAN BE REVERSED with carnosine.

But keep in mind - the maximum carnosine daily intake you can get from your diet will be somewhere between 25mg and 50mg.

However, the antiglycation and antioxidant effects can only happen between 1000 and 1500mg!

To get the incredible anti-aging benefits that make you look and feel young again...

… that start to reverse and repair the symptoms of aging...

… you MUST supplement your diet with 1000mg carnosine or more every day.

Add Carnosine To Your Diet
And You Can Look Forward To...

  • Greater flexibility and strength..
  • More supple, glowing, youthful-looking skin...
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles...
  • Clearer, sharper vision...
  • Faster wound healing and softening of scarring...
  • More energy thanks to improved mitochondrial function...
  • Clearer, sharper thinking with improved cognitive function

Not to mention, in laboratory animals of different species, carnosine has...

Proven To Extend Life Spans!

Laboratory research shows carnosine has the ability to regenerate cells nearing the end of their life cycle. At the same time restoring your appearance and even extending life span.

As you can see, with the right dosage, carnosine is an anti-aging wonder nutrient.

That’s what inspired our team to harness its potential and develop:

With RetroAge, you can finally push back against premature aging in just 10 seconds a day.

You see, There’s a big problem when we grow older.

Our body’s carnosine levels decline dramatically.

And that leaves us vulnerable to decaying cognitive function and prone to all sorts of diseases. Not to mention the decline of our appearance.

The Optimum Dosage of Carnosine

We recommend getting 1350 mg or Carnosine with RetroAge--the optimum daily dosage recommended by scientists if you want to fight oxidation and glycation on a daily basis.

Compared to the measly 50mg of carnosine you can get from diet alone and you can understand why this anti-aging wonder nutrient’s benefits haven’t kicked in for you yet.

And That’s Not All (Let’s Get
Glycation Totally Under Control!)

RetroAge also contains 100mg of the anti-glycation nutrient, benfotiamine.

Now, manufacturing carnosine and benfotiamine isn’t easy.

Of course there were the research and development costs.

We expected those, but manufacturing for production is a whole different matter.

Special equipment. Special people to produce. It all adds up.

Affordability. That was our biggest challenge making RetroAge.

But finally, we did it!

We did it because we believe every person over 50 MUST have access to this anti-aging wonder supplement.

So that you too, can reverse premature aging and live your life to the fullest...

… doing things you thought you would never do again.

So instead of an outrageous $450 price tag like the anti-aging big companies do, we’re able to offer our product at a more modest retail price of $69.95 per bottle. However...

You’re Not Going To Pay That Tomorrow!

The good news is because you’re one of our most valued Sun Coast Sciences Family members, we can slash prices even more.

You’re not going to pay retail when RetroAge releases tomorrow. In fact, you’ll be shocked at what the actual price is, especially when you choose the 6 or 3 bottle option.

However, as you can imagine, it’s incredibly difficult to keep these ingredients potent and stable after they have been extracted. We demand tight quality control, to ensure you get the results research studies have already proven.

That’s why our first production run is limited. So when it becomes available, you’ll want to act fast to claim your supply.

If I had to guess, given how large the Sun Coast Sciences community is and the limited nature of our first production run, we’ll sell out within 2-3 days, maybe sooner.

So I recommend setting a reminder at 9 AM ET — that’s when we’ll send you the email containing the link to secure your bottle(s) of RetroAge: The newest, most potent, and only anti-aging breakthrough to tackle glycation’s age-accelerating effects.