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An important letter for friends, family, and clients of Dr. Mark Rosenberg:

Most People Never Expected The Pandemic Crisis Of 2020 To Last So Long…

Unfortunately, It Did. I’ve Spent Thousands Of Hours Studying Past Pandemics. So When I Started Following The Outbreak In The East, I Knew What Was Coming Next…

Here’s What I’m Recommending You Do Now:

Researching past pandemics led us to uncover the strongest immune support breakthrough available anywhere.

You - and every other American - should be taking this immune breakthrough daily...

Which is why I’m going to show you how to get a free bottle of it.

So you won’t need to panic or live in fear like my patient, Nina...

Nina couldn’t take it anymore.

“I hate this. I could literally be hospitalized or killed by someone coughing as I pass them on a walk. They’re finally letting us back outside and in places with people, but honestly, Dr. Rosenberg… how am I supposed to live my life?”

A lot of people have been saying similar things, and I get it.

The social isolation is awful.

The economic destruction is devastating.

And the deaths are simply heartbreaking.

But perhaps the worst thing of all is - no one knows when it will end.

Are we already past the peak of it?

Have we developed “herd immunity?”

Is the virus already mutating into a brand new version of itself before we can get vaccine doses administered?

We don’t know.

And unfortunately…

Living in fear of your neighbors is the new normal.

...But does that mean we have to continue to lock ourselves inside, like grounded teenagers, for another 12 months?

Thankfully, The Answer Is No:

We don’t have to continue to lock ourselves inside and live in fear.

It’s Dr. Rosenberg here.

As an emergency room doctor, oncology researcher, and someone who specializes in treating patients with stressed and compromised immune systems...

Ever since the pandemic started...

My phone has been ringing off the hook.

Everyone wants to strengthen their immune system.

So it’s no surprise that the most common request I’ve received is, “Dr. Rosenberg, what’s the best stuff you’ve got?”

When I Gave Them My Response... My Patients Were STUNNED.

Some had no idea that I already had an immune system supporting compound…

One that not only made my patients healthier, stronger, and “hard to kill”...

But also helped them…

  • Wake up full of energy, and go all day without dragging…
  • Have tack-sharp mental clarity, without brain fog or forgetfulness…
  • And move their joints with ease, with no discomfort or achiness...

And even fewer of my patients knew I’d come up with an even better compound.

You see, while I’d saved tens of thousands of lives with my own hands...

I’d never expected to look my own mother in the eye to tell her she had advanced-stage lung cancer, with less than a year to live.

My frustration was overwhelming. Modern medicine had failed me, and indeed, I lost my mother within the year.

But as the saying goes... “All clouds come with a silver lining”.

A single question kept me up nights, and haunted all my waking hours:

What could I have done to improve my mothers odds?”

My initial research was absolutely clear:

If our immune system is strong and healthy, we feel great, and we’re “hard to kill”.

...But when it’s stressed and overworked, we feel tired… We’re foggy… we’re achy…

...And we’re much more susceptible to viruses, colds, and getting sick.

So when it came to her immune system, all of my research kept leading back to the same place:

A Lost 1936 Nobel Prize Winning Discovery… Revealed To Be An Immune Breakthrough!

This breakthrough was a family of all natural, god-given plant-based compounds called Flavonoids.

Flavonoids are the defense compounds in some of nature’s healthiest plants: green tea, red cherries, turmeric, purple grapes, raw cocoa…

Originally discovered in 1936 by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, it wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered what they could do for the immune system.

Countless studies have now shown that flavonoids can help us live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives...

And these same exhaustive studies showed that flavonoids are extremely effective at promoting healthy, balanced cytokine activity...

Yes, even balancing IL-6 and TNF-alpha - culprits of the dreaded cytokine storm associated with sending thousands of people to the emergency room.

My research led me to combine seven incredible flavonoids into a single formula that can support a healthy immune system, improve our vitality, and make us “hard to kill.”

When I first released it, I knew it would be the best immune system supporting compound available anywhere…

But I had no idea it would be the breakthrough my patients and customers had been silently praying for, for years.

Though I’d devoured every bit of research and scientific literature proving flavonoid’s benefits...

Even I was Shocked At These Results:

Marie, a 63 year old, who was complaining of intermittent fatigue and occasional sleeplessness reported that within 5 days of starting on the formula, her energy levels shot up, her stress declined significantly, and she started sleeping soundly through the night.

Nick, an overworked and burnt-out 46 year old mutual fund manager “felt so much better” and was able to “stop dragging” at work and rediscover the joy and confidence he felt in his late 20’s.

Chantelle, a patient of mine who had gained over 15 pounds in the last 2 years, checked in with me at the 30 day mark. She told me that she was waking up full of energy every day, and that her weight had already dropped considerably, with all of the new activity in her life.

Over the next six months, as the safety of this formula proved itself, I rolled it out to more patients, and the outcome was almost always the same.

Within seven to fourteen days, patients felt as if their bodies and lives had been “restored.”

They were showing all of the improvements I’d expect when an immune system goes from stressed and aggressive, to healthy and balanced.

And best of all, their blood tests confirmed what they were feeling:

This was no mere placebo effect. They were actually getting healthier and heartier.

So when I launched Sun Coast Sciences with this formula, BioShield MD, thousands and thousands of people experienced similar results.

But In February 2020, Everything Changed...

While my patients remained remarkably healthy…

Especially with the launch of my formula…

We watched as the rest of the world succumbed to the greatest health challenge we’ve seen in generations.

Remember, BioShield MD was designed well before 2020, and the priority was to support immune health across the board.

But with the virus spreading the way it did, it reminded me of the cancers I’ve helped patients deal with.

I Knew This Would Be A Continuous Struggle.

And I Knew We Needed To Fight Back.

As a leading progressive cancer doctor, I’ve dealt with cancers and conditions where the harder you fight them...

The more they change…

And it’s a constant back and forth with these enemies.

So from the very start of the pandemic, I recognized this would likely be the same situation.

I knew staying ahead and on top of the COVID-19 situation meant another phase of constant learning and researching…

And with all the new research that’s come to light since the virus first was recognized as a real threat, I knew I could put together a formula even better for immune system support than the original BioShield MD.

So today, I’m extremely excited to get my newest immune health breakthrough into your hands… For free.

Yes, free!

Introducing: BioShield MD

(And How To Get It For Free)

BioShield MD is a clinical-grade supplement that supports a healthy, balanced immune system, in the face of the most dangerous invaders.

BioShield MD combines 7 of nature's most powerful, immune defense flavonoids into two small capsules that are taken with the first meal of the day.

And not only does it provide much needed support for a stressed out immune system… when we all need it most…

...but many people report that within seven to fourteen days, they feel better than they have in ages.

In nearly four decades as a practicing MD, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a formula that works like this.

So let me tell you about the seven incredible flavonoids in BioShield MD and why Americans should be taking every single one of them right now.

Of course, it all starts with Quercetin.

If there’s one ingredient that makes a person “hard to kill” right now, it’s this one.

Quercetin is extremely important for managing a balanced cytokine response, especially in the lungs.

And Quercetin has some amazing long term benefits, too.

For example, one meta-study showed that it can suppress the growth of malignant cells…

…and even cause them to self-destruct!

Then there’s Resveratrol - a powerhouse in its own right, and a game changer when combined with Quercetin.

This flavonoid is highly effective at regulating both TNF-alpha, and IL-6, the cytokines we absolutely want under control.

That’s why it’s one of my “go-to’s” in winter months, when colds and flus are most common.

But it only starts there.

Resveratrol has also been shown to decrease the harmful effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

And amazingly, when combined with Quercetin, it can lead to a significant reduction in fat deposits!

Remember - fat cells are like little cytokine factories, so being “hard to kill” means taking them on, however we can.

Moving on, the third flavonoid in BioShield MD is Cocoa Extract.

Cocoa was revered as a superfood by the Mayans, but even they didn’t know how powerful it is.

Out of the top thousand flavonoid-rich foods, cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram.

Yes, it’s been clinically demonstrated to control IL-6 and TNF-alpha.

But it can also limit production of another dangerous cytokine, called IL-1 Beta.

This is exactly what I was talking about, when I mentioned how the combination of these ingredients, creates an unbreakable immune support team.

In fact, if BioShield MD only contained these three ingredients… would already be the most effective natural formula for supporting the immune system, and a healthy cytokine response.

But my goal wasn’t to produce the best solution “out there.”

It was to produce the best solution possible.

And to do that, I included four additional flavonoids, which had both incredible clinical studies behind them, and also delivered incredible results for my patients.

The first is quite popular: curcumin.

But this isn’t a simple “off-the-shelf” variety.

Study after study shows curcumin’s powers at regulating IL-6 and TNF-a.

The only problem is, most of the curcumin that’s available on Amazon or in drugstores isn’t very powerful…

Which is why so many people who take it don’t feel anything.

But my team and I have selected an incredibly pure, potent extract, with 95% cucuminoids.

Those are the antioxidants which give our curcumin its strength…

…and also, the “wow, I sure feel it” effect they experience with BioShield MD.

Speaking of “feeling it” – our next flavonoid is called Tart Cherry Extract, and it’s remarkable.

This potent little compound makes a beeline for aggressive TNF-alpha, to get it under control.

Remember, TNF-alpha is responsible for many cytokine storms, which is why I love having this specialist flavonoid on the team.

And the proof is in the data.

Tart Cherry extract has been clinically shown to decrease abdominal fat, improve sleep quality, boost cardiovascular health, and enhance joint comfort.

I believe that Tart Cherry Extract is responsible for how much more joint comfort and flexibility my patients have…

…and it’s why so many people tell me that BioShield MD is such a powerful “feel it” formula.

Speaking of which, the next flavonoid on call is Boswellia Seratta.

In the world of Ayurvedic medicine, Boswellia Serrata is nothing new.

For thousands of years in the east, it was a go-to for improving digestion and managing belly bloat.

We now know that it can promote joint comfort, too, as many patients who’ve tried it will attest.

And amazingly, it also has neuroprotective benefits, and can promote a calm and upbeat mood.

You see, Boswellia has been shown to modulate two other dangerous cytokines, called IL-2, and IL-10.

Both of these cytokines were also found in high concentrations, in early virus studies coming out of China.

So the bottom line is this:

Boswellia Seratta is one of the most versatile flavonoids on earth, and it’s something that everyone should be taking today, and every day.

Which leads me to the final flavonoid in BioShield MD - EGCG.

It’s a tremendously powerful extract from Green Tea.

My first reason for including it, is for how well it regulates IL-6 levels.

But it’s also one of the most potent fat-burners on the planet.

So this double-duty flavonoid got my nod in the final BioShield MD


But that’s not all…

I Also Added The Core Immunity Stack Far Too Many People Are Missing Out On:

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

And while I’d recommend that most people take these year round, they’re very important right now – especially Vitamin D3.

The difference between people who have enough D3, and those who are deficient… It has an amazing impact on survival rate.

In fact, it’s crazy to me that the national mandate has been so focused on masks, but hasn’t even mentioned D3.

We felt that it was our duty as a company to include these three ingredients…

…and even though it added to our costs, we didn’t pass along any of the expense to our customers.

It was simply the right thing to do.

And it sure made our customers happy!

They were delighted that they could stop buying these three supplements on their own, and save some money.

For Just A Moment...

Imagine the feeling of taking this doctor-formulated supplement for the first time.

Each capsule is meticulously produced, with clean, non-GMO ingredients.

A serving starts with two pills in the morning, with a cool glass of water.

Then, as the seven protective flavonoids go to work on the immune system, the changes come on noticeably.

Some patients feel it within hours… looser and more capable, like the body is unwinding after years of being “under siege”.

Others feel it over the coming fourteen days, as they begin waking up with more natural energy, because their immune health and their life are back on track.

Now, I Don’t Want You To Get Caught In This Trap:

Very occasionally, patients contact my office about a month into their BioShield regimen, to tell me that they don’t feel anything.

But then, like clockwork, I hear from them again a week or two later, telling me…

“I didn’t realize how much better I was feeling, until I stopped taking it and started feeling worse again.”

That’s when they sign up for monthly auto shipments.

Because for most, once they start taking BioShield MD, they never want to go back to the “bad old days.”

So the bottom line is this:

You Should Take BioShield MD Daily.

Here’s The Best Way To Do It:

Many of our customers won’t go a day without their BioShield MD.

They know how important it is right now.

That’s why we created a discounted “SmartShip” club – so that a new bottle of BioShield MD shows up on their doorstep every month…

People on SmartShip pay only $27/month for this premium product.

And I’d like to invite you to join this very same BioShield MD SmartShip club.

In fact, if you join today…

I’d Like To Send You A Free Bottle To Get Started

As you know, my medical opinion is that BioShield MD is mandatory in 2021.

So I’d like to get you going on a SmartShip subscription with a free bottle today.

All I ask is that you pay $4.95, to cover the cost of shipping it your way.

Then, in thirty days, your SmartShip will begin.

Another bottle of BioShield MD will be produced for you, and shipped to you, for only $27.

Simple as that.

SmartShip will continue for as long as you want, and you’ll remain locked at the $27 price… even if we raise the price for others in the future.

But please move fast, because…

This Offer Will Sell Out FAST
(Likely In Hours)

Owing to the purity I demand in BioShield MD, I insist that only the highest quality and most potent forms of flavonoids are used.

Otherwise, you don’t get the immune system supporting benefits.

So we do not place huge orders from our supplier.

We do not have tens of thousands of bottles sitting in our warehouse.

And for today’s special offer, we’ve only set aside 600 bottles.

Our supply chain is tightly controlled, and we only order what we think we can sell every month.

It’s Not A Matter Of “If”, But “When” We Sell Out…

Yes, it means that you get the most potent immune supporting compound in the world…

… but it also means that if the demand is high, we run out (it’s happened before… three times!).

Then it’s another 6-8 weeks before we’re back in stock.

So if you’re reading this page, and there is an option to purchase, then we still have a bottle with your name and address on it.

So please go ahead and place your free BioShield MD order now.

Immune support, energy, mental clarity, and graceful mobility are right around the corner.

You’ll get to feel safe and protected in your body, as if in an impenetrable fortress… And be free to live your life.

If every American was taking BioShield MD, we’d be a much happier, healthier country. Our medical bills would shrink dramatically and quality of life would improve for everyone.

Your package will be rushed out the door, and you’ll start reaping the benefits in just days.

Every American should be taking BioShield MD daily… for immediate immune support, yes…

…but also, for everything else important about your health.

So my team and I want to do everything we can to get it into your hands.

BioShield MD is protection and health for the long term. Get your free bottle today before it sells out!

To your best health,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg